Sunday, September 28, 2008

What is GSSB?

The Global Student Speakers' Bureau (GSSB) is a UBC community of students, staff, and faculty that, through the "Internationalization at Home" project, develops and coordinates a roster of student speakers who are eager to share their international experiences with audiences from the UBC as well as Greater Vancouver community.

Undergraduate and graduate UBC students who have lived, studied, worked and/or volunteered outside Canada and are committed to intercultural dialogue and community building

  • Contribute to the on and off-campus community by sharing insights from your international experiences
  • Enhance a sense of global citizenship through meaningful dialogue
  • Connect with other students and mentors, as well as on and off-campus groups
  • Develop public-speaking skills through activities at the knowledge-exchange sessions
  • Gain confidence in presenting to small and large audiences through speaking engagements
  • Receive a recognition certificate upon completion

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