Sunday, September 28, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is GSSB an AMS club?
No, GSSB is not an AMS club. It is a UBC program supported by the Faculty of Education and the Office of the Associate Vice President - International, and you do not have to pay a membership fee to join us.

2. Do I have to be an international student to join GSSB?
No, you don't have to be an international student. Global Student Speakers from last year include Canadian students who have lived, studies, worked and/or volunteered outside Canada.

3. Can I participate only in knowledge-exchange sessions?
Although Global Student Speakers are encouraged to complete at least one speaking engagement, it is possible that you participate only in knowledge-exchange sessions but not in speaking engagements.

4. What can I present a story about as a Global Student Speaker?
Anything about your international experience. You can get some ideas from listening to other Global Student Speakers, and advice from a mentor will help you develop your story. Here, you can check the story titles of last year's Global Student Speakers.

5. I don't have confidence in public speaking.You don't have to be a great speaker to join GSSB. As you go through the knowledge-exchange sessions and speaking engagements, you will develop your public-speaking skills. Also, you can start with presenting to smaller audiences if you feel more comfortable.

6. How can I get more involved in GSSB?
GSSB always welcomes volunteers! If you are interested in doing an MC or an icebreaker leader at the knowledge exchange sessions, please let us know. Or you can become a core volunteer to help us with the planning.

7. Where do I get an application form?
Click here to download an application form in Word format. You can email completed application forms to Megan at

More questions? Email Megan at

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